Listen to what Research Rockstar clients have to say...

"I’ve spent the last year taking all of the qualitative research related courses that Research Rockstar has offered. I continue to be amazed at both the breadth of material covered and the quality of the instruction. The instructors do a great job of not only sharing useful information, but also relate it back to their own real world examples with makes the learning more concrete. Oh, and the value for the cost is amazing!"
~ Tom Glover, Focus Group Researcher, Institutional Research, Western Governors University

"I began working in market research four years ago, and I completely fell in love with Qualitative Research. I am always searching for ways I can improve my skills, and broaden my knowledge, and so when this opportunity was presented to me, I was extremely excited. Overall, the program exceeded my expectations. I found the content to be insightful, and thought-provoking. The instructors were fantastic and kept me interested each week. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in qualitative research. "
~ Tiffany Naraysingh, Qualitative Research Assistant, Marketing Strategy Ltd. (Jamaica)

"The courses offered at Research Rockstar really broadened my skill set and helped me stay up to date with new techniques in Market Research all from online courses that were thorough and convenient to take. I was also able to obtain Insight Association Certificates in Quantitative and Qualitative research!"

"The course was way better than I expected... I especially liked how despite it being an online class, it felt very interactive and instructors were inclusive of everyone’s ideas and comments, making me very engaged and tuned in to the instruction going on. The materials provided were straight forward and very simple to understand and refer back to when doing the practice exercises, so they were very handy."
~ Kandianne Pierre, Marketing Manager, ThinkNow Research

"I am a huge fan of the new training portal especially the side bar containing the course contents and progress. This helps tremendously knowing how far along I am with the course and with providing background as to the upcoming tasks. I also felt the On-Demand experience was easy to follow. It definitely helps having a friendly-voice walking you through the course."
~ Melissa Tobin, Analyst, Consumer Insights, HSN

"Your courses helped our new Researchers become more productive and efficient in a short period of time. This not only saved our senior staff members valuable time but allowed everyone to benefit some of the knowledge our newbies received.”"
~ Ronald Teblum, President, Mars Research

"I absolutely love these courses. They're stimulating my brain! I've done marketing research for over 25 years, but I needed a refresher. I wanted to learn of any new research techniques, and I especially wanted to learn how to do Infographics. The classes are easy to fit into my work schedule, and I couldn't ask for better instructors. I could listen to them all day! I highly recommend Research Rockstar!""
~ Carol Arnold, Marketing Research Specialist, Air Force Services Activity

(Regarding the Training Portal) "In previous Research Rockstar classes, I felt like I had to dig through my notes and old emails for the right info, and this time I knew I could go to the same place to find everything I might need to reference."
~ Asia Reid, Consumer Insight Analyst, The E.W. Scripps Company

"I am new to online learning. I found it organized the class in a way I could manage on my own. Everything in one place, with a progress indicator. I liked the ability to stop "Ask it Right" at one point and pick up at that same point the next day."
~ Frank Ready, PRC Marketing Research Manager, Veritiv

"I like the interactive features of the On Demand classes, click on this to find out more and Knowledge Checks."
~ Jennifer Gahm, Senior Project Manager, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

"I think it improves professional development."
~ Erin Callahan, Market Research Analyst, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

"I thought it was great to have one 'place' where I had access to all of my content, have the calendar, etc."
~ David Chester, Research Executive, The Nielsen Company

"I love that everything (classes enrolled in/completed, course content, calendar, etc.) all in one place. Class log-in information was easy to find vs. having to find welcome e-mails."
~ Amy Anderson, Owner / Research Strategist & Analyst, Solutions Through Research

(Regarding the Training Portal) "Ability to see the agenda and layout of course before beginning, and having everything in one place."
~ Julie Sisco, Consultant

"The Research Rockstar training that I have taken has been very helpful. They have a plethora of classes that keep me up-to-date with newer research industry topics such as Infographics and Social Media. The instructors are working researchers who are knowledgeable and collaborative."
~ Kimberly Ponzi, Senior Research Analyst, San Diego Gas & Electric

"The training we’ve received through Research Rockstar has had an immediate impact on our day to day projects. We’ve found their training to be actionable and relevant to our business. So often we attend conferences and leave not knowing how we can implement their suggestions. That is not the case with Research Rockstar."
~ Marcy Updike PRC, VP Market Research, Gen Re – A Berkshire Hathaway Company

"The Focus Group Management training provided by Research Rockstar was immediately put to use within the company with great results.  The training itself was perfectly paced for any skill level and provided all the relevant knowledge needed for managing a focus group project.  The weekly, interactive online classes fit into the schedule easily, even when on the road traveling."
~ Misty Bayerl, Market Analyst, Malco Products Inc.

"Research Rockstar has provided a way to easily accomplish my career goal of PRC Certification. It was an excellent instruction, giving highly relevant and practical knowledge that could easily be used in my current research. I believe what was taught was the latest understandings on our growing field, solidifying the known best practices within Marketing Research. The materials offered were top notch, and the interaction among classmates was even better. I definitely will consider using Research Rockstar for future training opportunities. "
~ Frank Ready, Market Research Analyst, Unisource Worldwide

"I am currently taking two Rockstar courses as part of the Market Research Fundamentals program. I am the only student in either class who is not in the industry already. I have found the virtual classroom to be a positive learning style for me thus far. I have not felt overwhelmed in any way, yet Kathryn maintains a quick, consistent pace that keeps everyone's attention and promotes interaction among the students. I'm definitely looking forward to the remaining classes!"
~ Mark Tosches, Rockstar Trainee

"The online and onsite market research training Research Rockstar provided has helped us produce good data with our own people."
~ Nicole Freund, Market Research Manager, The Coleman Company

"I’ve enjoyed and learned many great things from these courses. The courses provided are both comprehensive and entertaining. The large picture and the finite details are provided in such a manner that regardless of skill or previous experience the learner is kept engaged with the material. The availability of the courses to watch and review when convenient with my schedule is also very helpful."
~ David Johnson, Market Research Analyst, Discovery Research Group

“I continue to be very grateful for this incredible opportunity. The care that (the instructor) shows in her lectures is evident, and I feel that my learning experience is enhanced even further by the level of participation shown by fellow classmates.”
~Ty Vaughn, Texas Tech University (Research Rockstar Scholarship student)

"The Project Management class from Research Rockstar is top-notch. It contains content that is understandable, actionable and highly relevant. It was a highlight of my week to attend the interactive class and to learn from such an enthusiastic teacher. Kathryn really makes the content come to life and empowers you with knowledge for your career. Thanks a bunch to Research Rockstar!"
~ Rob Eschen, Market Research Assistant, MGMA-ACMPE

"I was very impressed with the work that Research Rockstar provided. Starting with a desire to conduct a customized training program for my team, Research Rockstar quickly put together a package of classes, provided the outline and delivered the training on-site in a two-week timeline. The students were very impressed with the training and have provided me with key takeaways that they picked up during the interactive classes."
~ Bryan Dorsey, Manager, Online Research, John Deere

"The course was well structured. It seemed to have been developed with the underlying philosophy that why you do things is at least as important as what you do. The combination of this and anecdotal illuminations made it interesting, substantive, and intellectually satisfying despite it being a fairly short course."
~ Walt Ronsicki, Consultant

"The class isn’t just about the academic theory…it is where the rubber meets the road of getting real market research done with excellence."
~ President, Publishing Company

“The classes are going great… The hands-on assignments between classes in the focus group program are the most useful parts for me because my issue is getting the chance to get in and apply that knowledge and DO research.”
~ Steve Bayley, East Carolina University (Research Rockstar Scholarship student)

"The Research Rockstar eLearning course brought me up to speed on the rapidly changing landscape of marketing research at my convenience with a live course that I could fit into my schedule. If I missed any of details of the course I was able to go back and listen again. I also appreciated the one-on-one time with Kathryn, who personally addressed some of my questions."
~ Insights Analyst, Market Research firm

"I am always searching for ways to enhance and solidify my skills as a researcher.  The Research Rockstar programs provide just that—a  great learning environment that encourages interaction between instructors and students, class content that is clear and concise and real world examples that can apply to any business.  The knowledge and materials you take away are good resources in an industry where too much information is at our fingertips.  The classes offered work for any level of experience and should be considered an investment in your career."
~ Michele Brown PRC, Customer Insights Manager, HSN

"I have been working in research for almost thirty years now.  I am always looking for new approaches for my work—presentation, content and new techniques. But there are not many offers for Senior Researchers or people living abroad. I discovered Research Rockstar in 2014, and, since then, have already take two courses. There are always something interesting being offered. Research Rockstar is 3G: great instructors, great platform, great content and an awesome cliente service."
~ Cristina Panella, Planning and Research Director, Grupo Attitude SA

"I have never had the kind of instructor student engagement in any other online course. The instructors did a fantastic job of getting student participation and including us in the course. An overall great experience!"
~Aaron DeLaughter, Consumer Insights Analyst, McKee Foods