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Big Data Integration for Survey Researchers

If you do survey research these days, you know that survey data no longer lives in a vacuum: it is often integrated with other data sources. Indeed, it is increasingly common to combine data from multiple sources into a single file for statistical analysis. If you find that you are being asked to incorporate marketing and behavioral data into your survey analysis, you are being asked to work with integrated, sometimes called "blended", data.

Data blending skills are important for market researchers, as customer insights increasingly rely on diverse data sources. Append a survey data set with actual behavioral data from a big data source? Sure! This also aligns with a related trend: customer insights output that need to feed directly into marketing and customer databases.

This course introduces data blending benefits and challenges, as well as practical techniques. Upon course completion, students will be prepared for opportunities to create and leverage multi-source data files and conduct analysis for useful insights. Taught by expert researcher Jeff McKenna, this course is for the experienced survey researcher who needs to start working with multiple data sources.

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This course meets once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, 90 minutes per session (6 hours total). Students should have existing knowledge of basic statistics and survey data analysis.

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Class topics, instructor, dates and times subject to change. Instructor illness, inclement weather and other unexpected events may result in rescheduling.