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Research Consultant, Project Mngt, Survey & Discussion Guide Design, Data Analysis, Reporting & more

A versatile researcher with strong communications skills, works with clients to turn research findings into business recommendations.

Top Skills:
Overall Project Management
Questionnaire and Discussion Guide Design
Basic Data Analysis/banners
Advanced Analytic Methods (Discrete Choice)
Report Writing

Education: BA, MS, Certificate in Marketing Research

Years of MR experience: 25+

Minimum rate: $110/hour
Available in increments of 10, 20, & 40 hours.

Please note:
• Fees, dates, and availability are subject to project details.
We reserve the right to substitute in the event of illness, conflicts.
• Most engagements start 4 to 10 business days after purchase.
• Discounts are available for retainer engagements.

RaR Code: OLSKY916

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