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    1. Getting Ready to Rock!

    2. Exclusive Instructor-led Live-Events (Zoom)

    1. Pre-Assignment: Why Market Researchers Use Trade-off Techniques [Action Required]

    2. Quiz A: Trade-off Analysis [Action Required]

    1. Module 1 Lesson Plan

    2. Conducting Trade-Off Analysis [Video Lesson]

    3. Conducting Trade-Off Analysis [Slide Viewer]

    4. Conducting Trade-Off Analysis [Slide File Download]

    5. Short Reading: MaxDiff or Conjoint – What IS the Difference?

    1. Module 2 Lesson Plan

    2. Conjoint & Discrete Choice Analysis [Video Lesson]

    3. Conjoint & Discrete Choice Analysis [Slide Viewer]

    4. Conjoint & Discrete Choice Analysis [Slide File Download]

    5. Common Challenges in Conjoint Analysis [Downloadable Job Aid]

    1. Module 3 Lesson Plan

    2. Analyzing Results [Video Lesson]

    3. Analyzing Results [Slide Viewer]

    4. Analyzing Results [Slide File Download]

    5. Checkpoint A: Payment Card Discrete Choice [Action Required]

    1. Module 4 Lesson Plan

    2. MaxDiff Analysis [Video Lesson]

    3. MaxDiff Analysis [Slide Viewer]

    4. MaxDiff Analysis [Slide File Download]

    5. Conjoint Course Glossary [Downloadable Job Aid]

About this course

  • 27 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Course Overview

In this course, taught by Instructor Jeff McKenna, students gain a comprehensive understanding of trade-off analysis, focusing on conjoint, discrete choice, and MaxDiff analyses. Practical usage scenarios and sample outcomes prepare students to recommend the most appropriate option for specific needs and to serve as valuable collaborators with both business executives and technical team members.

Students who complete this course will be able to consider and discuss trade-off analysis options with confidence. 

NOTE: While this course provides a robust foundation of conjoint, discrete choice, and MaxDiff analyses, it does not include training on how to produce the specific experimental designs used for programming such questionnaires; it is intended for the project manager who will be working with a data analyst or statistician for the design and programming.

Upon course completion, you will be able to: 

  • Understand when to use conjoint analysis & related methods
  • Guide clients on questionnaire design implications when using these methods
  • Read basic data analysis output
  • Explain the benefits and limitations of different data analysis options
  • Consider software options

As a student, you get lots of helpful videos, readings and reference material.

Watch the preview below.

Meet Your Instructor

Jeff McKenna

Founder, MCK Insights

Industry veteran, Jeff McKenna, is the founder of MCK Insights and he provides a deep background in the design and delivery of market research projects, particularly in the area of data processing, advanced methodologies and data reporting. He has years of experience in new product development, segmentation, brand development, customer satisfaction and tracking projects. And Jeff has delivered strategic and actionable solutions to clients at all levels in client organizations (from market researchers to CEOs), including complex customer experience, segmentation, brand tracking and integrated EFM programs. He has designed and delivered CX programs for several Fortune 500 companies, incorporating customer feedback with several other internal data sources. He has designed and implemented reporting platforms used by thousands of service and marketing managers in multiple industries. More than simply delivering data, each solution enables users to prioritize action planning and estimate financial value associated with different performance levels. Jeff has a BA in Sociology/Anthropology from Swarthmore College and an MBA from The George Washington University.

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