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We invite you to join our community of Research Rockstars... students and instructors who share your passion for Research that Rocks. Three membership levels available, each with annual & monthly membership options.

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Backstage Pass Membership Plans

Want to party like a (Research) Rockstar? A Backstage Pass gives you access to 25+ eLearning courses designed for Market Research & Insights Professionals. Choose from 3 membership levels: On-demand, Full Access or VIP.

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  • On-Demand

    $1,620 / year
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    • Access student discussion groups
    • Insights Association certificate eligibility*
    • Attend any of 25+ real-time courses
    • Monthly Coaching invitations
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    $2,760 / year
    ($230 / month)
    $250 / month
    • Access 25+ on-demand courses
    • Access student discussion groups
    • Insights Association certificate eligibility*
    • Attend any of 25+ real-time courses
    • Monthly Coaching invitations
  • VIP

    $4,380 / year
    ($365 / month)
    $400 / month
    • Access 25+ on-demand courses
    • Access student discussion groups
    • Insights Association certificate eligibility*
    • Attend any of 25+ real-time courses
    • Monthly Coaching invitations

Research Rockstar Graduates

What our students are saying!

“Research Rockstar has provided a way to easily accomplish my career goal of PRC Certification. It was an excellent instruction, giving highly relevant and practical knowledge that could easily be used in my current research. I believe what was taught was the latest understandings on our growing field, solidifying the known best practices within Marketing Research. The materials offered were top notch, and the interaction among classmates was even better. I definitely will consider using Research Rockstar for future training opportunities.”

Frank Ready, Market Research Analyst, Unisource Worldwide

“The Focus Group Management training provided by Research Rockstar was immediately put to use within the company with great results. The training itself was perfectly paced for any skill level and provided all the relevant knowledge needed for managing a focus group project. The weekly, interactive online classes fit into the schedule easily, even when on the road traveling. ”

Misty Bayerl, Market Analyst, Malco Products Inc.

“"I am always searching for ways to enhance and solidify my skills as a researcher. The Research Rockstar programs provide just that—a great learning environment that encourages interaction between instructors and students, class content that is clear and concise and real world examples that can apply to any business. The knowledge and materials you take away are good resources in an industry where too much information is at our fingertips. The classes offered work for any level of experience and should be considered an investment in your career”

Michele Brown PRC, Customer Insights Manager, HSN

Our Instructors Rock!

Our instructors are true Market Research & Insights experts. They are also passionate and empathetic teachers.

  • Experience

    Our instructors are actual market researchers. They speak from experience. Sure, they know the theory (all have Master’s or PhD degrees), but they also all have at least 15 years of practice.

  • Passion

    Our instructors love sharing stories about their market research successes, and even failures. And frankly, that’s what makes our classes so fun: our instructors are passionate about teaching real applications and best practices.

  • Empathy

    Our instructors understand the challenges of pursuing skill advancement while juggling project deadlines. They are flexible and are happy to respond to your questions and requests.

We are committed to advancing the work, and careers, of Market Research & Insights Professionals

  • What is eLearning?

    eLearning comes in many formats, including both real-time (sometimes called "synchronous") and on-demand (often called "asynchronous" or "self-paced") delivery. Both have merit, so we offer both real-time and on-demand eLearning. Many Research Rockstar students enjoy the scheduling flexibility of our on-demand training format. That's great! And for those seeking a more interactive experience, nothing beats our real-time, instructor-led sessions taught in a virtual classroom. Each Research Rockstar course is offered at least twice a year in real-time (check out our handy 1-page course calendar ). And 24/7 in the on-demand format.

  • Why memberships?

    Most of our students are working professionals with busy schedules. Sometimes they intend to complete training more quickly than the reality of looming project deadlines allows. With a membership, students have access to all of their classes. No time-outs! Better still: with memberships, we can offer students access to the type of eLearning they want. Never plan to attend a real-time course? Great, then you can save money by choosing a Backstage Pass On-demand membership. Want the option of real-time instructor-led sessions? Choose the Backstage Pass Full Access or VIP.

  • Can I get a group discount?

    Yes. If you have a team of five or more people, please contact [email protected] to ask about volume discounts. We also offer private training for groups either in the virtual classroom or at your location.

  • Can I get a Free Trial?

    Yes! You can try us out with a 14-day Free Trial.

  • What is a Coaching Session?

    VIP Backstage Pass students receive monthly invitations to small group coaching calls with Research Rockstar instructors. Students use these calls to discuss recent lessons and related topics. These phone or Zoom calls may also cover career planning topics.

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