• Kathryn Korostoff

    Lead Instructor, Research Rockstar Founder

    Kathryn Korostoff is president and lead instructor at Research Rockstar, the leading independent provider of market research training and staffing…
  • John Barrett, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Political Science

    Dr. John Barrett has over 12 years' of experience designing, fielding, and analyzing surveys on behalf of Fortune 500 companies…
  • Julie Worwa

    Lead Instructor, Principal, JMW Research

    Julie Worwa is the sole proprietor at JMW Research, an independent market research consultancy. Julie successfully designs and executes goal-oriented…
  • Chris Grabarkiewicz-Davis, PhD

    Partner, Olivetree Insights

    Chris is a partner at Olivetree Insights; a business consultancy whose Smart Insights Brief software, workshops, and consulting services are…
  • Janis Russell

    Independent Market Research Consultant

    For more than 16 years Janis has worked in the Survey Research field, including political polling and consumer packaged goods.…
  • Jeffrey Henning, PRC

    Founder, Researchscape International

    Jeffrey Henning is the founder of Researchscape, which assists Do It Yourself researchers with those tasks they need help with,…
  • Jeff McKenna

    Founder, MCK Insights

    Industry veteran, Jeff McKenna, is the founder of MCK Insights and he provides a deep background in the design and…
  • Jeff Walkowski

    Principal of QualCore.com Inc.

    Jeff Walkowski is the principal of QualCore.com Inc., a consulting firm providing traditional and online qualitative research services to a…
  • Greg Timpany

    Market Research Consultant

    Greg’s career arc has delved into the world of marketing, analytics and strategy for over 20 years. His expertise bridges…
  • Andrew Rothman

    Principal Data Scientist/Machine Learning Scientist at Healthicity Inc.

    Andrew is currently the Principal Data Scientist / Machine Learning Scientist at Healthicity Inc., a Healthcare Information Technology company. He…
  • Dan Reynolds, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Education

    Dan Reynolds has more than eleven years' teaching experience including high school, undergraduate, and master's classes — and two years…

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