Insights Association Certification

Congratulations! If you are here, you have probably been completing qualified courses and now want to register for the Insights Association Certificate program. The Certificate fee applies to students who are completing the required hours of training through a Backstage Pass (Full Access or VIP) membership. The $550 is per certificate (if you are earning both the qualitative and the quantitative certificates, register for both i.e. twice).

Upon registration order, you will receive a Welcome email. If you do not see it within 10 minutes, please check your spam or junk folders. Any questions? Please contact us at or message us.

The Benefits of Certification
from the Insights Association

  • Proof of Skills

    Certification is an objective measure of your knowledge and proficiency that amps up your market research resume.

  • Proof of Rockstar Status

    Certification indicates a commitment to remaining current on new market research methods and technologies.

  • Proof of Commitment

    Certification demonstrates your commitment to advancing both your market research work and long-term career.