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Course Overview

Been wanting to try out R? Here’s your chance. During this 4-part class, students will use R to analyze survey data. We will cover descriptives, crosstabs and factor analysis. 

NOTE: This course is currently offered as a self-paced option only. Homework answer keys allow you to check your own work. If you have a group of 5 or more students who would like a real-time version taught in our virtual classroom, please contact us at for scheduling and fee options.

R is a hot skill. There's a reason many quant researchers are making an effort to gain this skill: they don’t want to get leapfrogged. We make it easy by preparing demonstrations and exercises that are specific to the needs of survey research data analysis. And we even have a little fun along the way.

Pre-requisite Knowledge: This class will not teach statistical concepts. It will focus on how R can help you calculate the statistical values. Prior to this class, you should have a working knowledge of T-Tests, ANOVA, correlation and regression.

Please note: This class follows a flipped classroom model. Students will do homework where they watch video demonstrations prior to class time. Then during live class time, students will do hands-on exercises with real-time instructor support and peer interaction.

Your version of R may look somewhat different due to application updates since the class was recorded, but the differences should be minor.

Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Install, update, and add-on packages to the R environment
  • Program basic statistical operations using R programming language
  • Upload, manipulate, and clean data in the R environment
  • Output basic descriptive statistics, including mean, median, mode, frequency, and proportions
  • Visualize data in the R environment
  • Test group differences in the R environment

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Self-paced Intro to R

    • Rockstar Workbook

  • 2

    Getting Started & Producing Descriptives

    • Rockstar Practice: Install R Studio

    • Lesson Plan

    • Getting Started & Producing Descriptives [Lecture]

    • Getting Started & Producing Descriptives [Slide Viewer]

    • Getting Started & Producing Descriptives [Slide File Download]

    • Rockstar Practice

  • 3

    Charts & Graphs in R

    • Lesson Plan

    • Charts & Graphs in R [Lecture]

    • Charts & Graphs in R [Slide Viewer]

    • Charts & Graphs in R [Slide File Download]

    • Rockstar Practice

  • 4

    Crosstabs & Regression in R

    • Lesson Plan

    • Crosstabs & Regression in R [Lecture]

    • Crosstabs & Regression in R [Slide Viewer]

    • Crosstabs & Regression in R [Slide File Download]

    • Rockstar Practice

  • 5

    Cluster Analysis & PCA

    • Lesson Plan

    • Cluster Analysis & PCA [Lecture]

    • Cluster Analysis & PCA [Slide Viewer]

    • Cluster Analysis & PCA [Slide File Download]

  • 6


    • Your Rockstar Status Awaits: Final Assessment

  • 7

    Our Short Feedback Survey

    • Your candid feedback helps us improve

Meet Your Instructor

Andrew Rothman

Principal Data Scientist/Machine Learning Scientist at Healthicity Inc.

Andrew is currently the Principal Data Scientist / Machine Learning Scientist at Healthicity Inc., a Healthcare Information Technology company. He also consults for a number of technology companies, helping them design and build their data science and machine learning capabilities. Andrew also continues to engage in academic research in the Medical and Finance sectors. Andrew's areas of expertise include quantitative research design and experimental design, statistical methods, machine learning methods, and quantitative consulting.

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