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Course curriculum

    1. Getting Ready to Rock!

    2. Exclusive Instructor-led Live Events (Zoom)

    3. [Important] SPSS Data File Download

    1. Module 1 Lesson Plan

    2. Intro to SPSS [Video Lesson]

    3. Intro to SPSS [Slide Viewer]

    4. Intro to SPSS [Slide File Download]

    5. What Tests Should I Be Running? [Downloadable Job Aid]

    6. Quiz A: Getting Started with SPSS [Action Required]

    1. Module 2 Lesson Plan

    2. Recording Variables [Video Lesson]

    3. Recoding Variables [Slide Viewer]

    4. Recoding Variables [Slide File Download]

    5. Using T-tests [Downloadable Job Aid]

    6. Using ANOVA [Downloadable Job Aid]

    7. Quiz B: Descriptives, T-tests, ANOVA [Action Required]

    1. Module 3 Lesson Plan

    2. Frequencies & Crosstabs M3A [Video Lesson]

    3. Frequencies & Crosstabs M3B [Video Lesson]

    4. Frequencies & Crosstabs [Slide Viewer]

    5. Frequencies & Crosstabs [Slide File Download]

    6. Using Chi-Squared [Downloadable Job Aid]

    7. Checkpoint A: Chi-Square Exercise [Action Required]

    8. Quiz C: Creating Crosstabs in SPSS [Action Required]

    1. Module 4 Lesson Plan

    2. Clean and Weight Data [Video Lesson]

    3. Clean & Weight Data [Slide Viewer]

    4. Clean & Weight Data [Slide File Download]

    1. Recommended Reading & Viewing

    2. Mean Analysis and Data Recording [Downloadable Job Aid]

About this course

  • 32 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Course Overview

An introductory SPSS class for beginners. If you have never touched SPSS before, or if it has been years since you have, we can get you started with our hands-on step-by-step SPSS course.

This market research training program starts with the very basics of importing and formatting data, and concludes with conducting and reading crosstabs with significance testing. Optional modules for CHAID, regression, Factor analysis and Cluster analysis.


1. All students must have an SPSS license. Version 21 or higher preferred.

2. Existing familiarity with descriptive statistics and crosstabs required. This course does not teach basic statistics, it is a hands-on course in using SPSS.  To learn basic data analysis concepts, please see Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis. No previous SPSS experience required.

Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Enter and Import Data in SPSS
  • Recode Variables
  • Produce Frequencies
  • Produce Crosstabs
  • Clean Data
  • Weight Data

As a student, you get lots of helpful videos, readings, and reference material.

Watch the preview below.

Meet Your Instructor

Julie Worwa

Lead Instructor, Principal, JMW Research

Julie Worwa is the sole proprietor at JMW Research, an independent market research consultancy. Julie successfully designs and executes goal-oriented market research programs designed to meet clients’ business objectives. She builds strong relationships with clients, communicating depth of expertise and results in clear, concise, and actionable reports and demonstrations. Julie has personally completed 500+ primary research projects, with deep expertise in consumer behavior, customer satisfaction, market segmentation, needs discovery, and product concept testing.

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