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Course Curriculum

    1. Getting Ready to Rock!

    2. Exclusive Instructor-led Live Events (Zoom)

    1. Module 1 Lesson Plan

    2. Mobile Ethnography [Video Lesson] 1A

    3. Mobile Ethnography [Video Lesson] 1B

    4. Mobile Ethnography M1A [Slide Viewer]

    5. Mobile Ethnography M1A [Slide File Download]

    6. Mobile Ethnography M1B [Slide Viewer]

    7. Mobile Ethnography M1B [Slide File Download]

    8. 6 Steps to Successful Mobile Ethnography Projects [Downloadable Job Aid]

    9. How Online Qual Methods Overcome 6 Market Research Hurdles [Downloadable Job Aid]

    10. Checkpoint A: Concepts and Jargon [Action Required]

    1. Module 2 Lesson Plan

    2. Social Media & Sentiment Analysis [Video Lesson] 2A

    3. Social Media & Sentiment Analysis [Video Lesson] 2B

    4. Social Media & Sentiment Analysis M2A [Slide Viewer]

    5. Social Media & Sentiment Analysis M2A [Slide File Download]

    6. Social Media & Sentiment Analysis M2B [Slide Viewer]

    7. Social Media & Sentiment Analysis M2B [Slide File Download]

    8. Quiz A: Key Concepts Review [Action Required]

    9. Assignment A: Getting Hands-on with with Social Media Sentiment Analysis

    1. Module 3 Lesson Plan

    2. Online Focus Groups: Video & Chat [Video Lesson] 3A

    3. Online Focus Groups: Video & Chat [Video Lesson] 3B

    4. Online Focus Groups: Video & Chat M3A & M3B [Slide Viewer]

    5. Online Focus Groups: Video & Chat M3A & M3B [Slide File Download]

    6. Risk Mitigation for OLFGs [Downloadable Job Aid]

    7. Assignment B: Learning About Online Focus Groups [Action Required]

    8. Checkpoint B: Making Methodology Recommendations [Action Required]

    1. Module 4 Lesson Plan

    2. New Tools, Data Reliability & More 4A [Video Lesson]

    3. New Tools, Data Reliability & More 4B [Video Lesson]

    4. New Tools, Data Reliability & More M4A [Slide Viewer]

    5. New Tools, Data Reliability & More M4A [Slide File Download]

    6. New Tools, Data Reliability & More M4B [Slide Viewer]

    7. New Tools, Data Reliability & More M4B [Slide File Download]

    8. Asynchronous Online Qualitative Data Collection with BuzzBack [Demonstration]

    9. Assignment C: Rockstar Practice [Action Required]

    10. Checkpoint C: Knowing When to Recommend Different Types of Focus Groups

    1. Recommended Reading & Viewing

About this course

  • 42 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Course Overview

Do you want to broaden the number of online qualitative research methods at your disposal? Taught by Instructor Kathryn Korostoff, topics in this 4-module course include social media research, online focus groups, crowdsourcing (idea management and prediction market platforms), webcam research, online projective methods, and more. Includes examples, demonstrations, and exercises. By the end of this market research training course, students will know when to recommend these methods, how to plan for these projects, and how to set clear expectations with clients and colleagues about their benefits and limitations.

Upon course completion, you will be able to: 

  • Decide when to recommend online qual research options
  • Plan successful Mobile Ethnography studies
  • Plan successful Social Media Analysis studies
  • Plan successful Online Focus Group studies
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of various online qualitative methods
  • Evaluate emerging techniques & tools

As a student, you get lots of helpful videos, readings, and reference material.

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Meet Your Instructor

Marni Martens

Principal of Martens Consulting

Marni Martens is a research practitioner with a multidisciplinary background in market research and human-centered design research. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked across all phases of business, from strategy and development to marketing and evaluation. Marni brings both a creative and analytical lens to all of her work, helping leaders triangulate business objectives with market opportunities and customer realities. Marni holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and certifications in Market Research from RIVA Training Institute and in User Experience from Bentley University. She has spearheaded the research and development for numerous award-winning products, overseen digital transformations, and operationalized research and development processes. Her experience spans B2B & B2C sectors, including education, health, technology, consumer products and nonprofit/community-based organizations.

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