What you’ll learn in this course

Where should you start with quantitative data analysis for market research projects? How can you get the most from frequencies and crosstabs? How can you work effectively with data analysts or statisticians who may be supporting your market research projects? What are some of the important predictive options you can consider? 

In this 4-part program, Instructor Cindy Casper will teach the basics of quantitative analysis in a fun, practical way. Includes examples, exercises, and plenty of time for student Q&A. This market research class is ideal for those new to quantitative data analysis. No previous background in statistics is required.  

Note: This class does not include generating data analysis; it focuses on planning for and interpreting data analysis. For conducting data analysis, we offer Intro to SPSS , SPSS 201, and Statistics with R. We also recommend using the many excellent tutorials offered by the statistics software companies.

Upon course completion, you will be able to 

  • Summarize survey results by using basic statistics (mean, median, mode, and variability measures)
  • Understand the benefits of planning ahead for the data analysis component of a project
    • Understand the benefits of planning ahead for the data analysis component of a project
  • Understand data reliability measures (and what a 95% confidence interval really means)
  • Read and interpret crosstabs (banner tables)
  • Recommend when to use, or not use, weighting
  • Choose among several data analysis options for getting the most out of survey data, including regression and tree techniques

Are you able to confidently use basic statistics to summarize customer attitudes and behaviors collected via surveys? If not, this is the class you need.

As a student, you get lots of helpful videos, readings and reference material.


Take a look inside the course

  • 1


    • Getting Ready to Rock!

  • 2


    • Lesson Plan

    • Fundamentals [Lecture]

    • Fundamentals [Slide File Viewer]

    • Fundamentals [Slide File Download]

    • Assignment A - Pew Research Data Download

    • Assignment A - Pew Research Project Quiz

  • 3

    Exploring Data

    • Lesson Plan

    • Exploring Data [Lecture]

    • Exploring Data [Slide File Download]

    • Assignment B - Interpreting Confidence Intervals

    • Exploring Data [Slide File Viewer]

  • 4

    Data Interpretation

    • Lesson Plan

    • Data Interpretation [Lecture]

    • Data Interpretation [Slide Viewer]

    • Data Interpretation [Slide File Download]

    • Assignment C - Rockstar Practice [Action Required]

    • Crosstab practice

  • 5

    Explaining Results

    • Lesson Plan

    • Explaining Results [Lecture]

    • Explaining Results [Slide Viewer]

    • Explaining Results [Slide File Download]

  • 6

    Bonus Resources

    • Recommended Reading & Viewing

    • Sample Data Analysis Plan for a Message Testing Study

  • 7


    • Your Rockstar Status Awaits: Final Assessment

  • 8

    Our Short Feedback Survey

    • Your candid feedback helps us improve

Meet Your Instructor

Dan Reynolds, PhD

Assistant Professor of Education

Dan Reynolds has more than eleven years' of teaching experience including high school, undergraduate, and master's classes — and two years with Research Rockstar. His expertise crosses many kinds of statistics, from basic inferential stats to more complex regressions, multilevel models, structural equation models, and item response models. Dan is an Assistant Professor of education at John Carroll University. He received his PhD in Education from Vanderbilt University in 2017, specializing in quantitative methodologies for social science research with a focus on high school literacy instruction. He also holds a MS in Education and a BS in English from the University of Notre Dame.

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