Course curriculum

    1. Accessing Your Resources

    1. Report Automation with Jeffrey Henning

    2. Critical Steps to Optimize Data Quality

    3. Tips for B2B Market Segmentation

    4. Top 5 Tips for Webcam IDIs

    5. Conducting Research with Children: Tenets for Success

    6. Achieving a Foundation by Developing 3 Key Skills for Data Fluency

    7. Defining and Creating a Data Analysis Plan

    8. QRE 201: Homework Review Exercise

    9. A Brief Review on the Importance of Outlining a Professional Survey Research Report

    10. Revealing Crucial Traps Market Researchers Must Avoid

    11. What Makes a Good Segmentation Solution?

    12. Data Visualization Examples from Survey Research with Mark Andrews

    13. Do You Know Enough About GDPR (and CCPA)?

    14. How to Handle Contradictory and Over-Rationalized Responses in IDIs

    15. One Research Result 8 Ways

    16. A Few Tips on Coding Qualitative Data

    17. Experiences with Common Client Management Challenges: Learnings from 2 Market Research Experts

    18. Case Study: A Multi-Faceted Online Diary Research for Children's Educational Product

    19. Choosing the Right Scope and Methodology

    20. Hypothesis Generation for Research Projects

    21. Priming and Framing: How to Use Each to Optimize Market Research Data Quality

    22. The Many Ways to Ruin a Segmentation Project—and How to Avoid Them

    23. Careers in Market Research & Insights

    24. Team Management for Planning Factor Analysis

    25. Planning for Success: Remote Shop Along Research

    26. Managing Common Red Flags with Clients

    27. Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources of Conjoint

    28. Using SPSS to Assess Differences Between Group Means

    29. Managing Fieldwork to Achieve the Right Sample: Sample Cleaning

    30. Managing Fieldwork to Achieve the Right Sample: Sample Management

    31. 10 Sources of FREE Market Research Data

    32. Insider Tips for Using Rank Order Questions Like a Pro

    33. Decoding Segmentation Solutions: Identifying the Perfect Fit

    34. Why You Need More Than One Margin of Error for Your Study

    35. Packaging Research Results: Deliverables that Impress & Have Impact

    36. Segmentation: Research-driven vs. Database-driven

    37. Why Qualitative? Thinking about Qualitative Research from a Strategic Business Perspective.

    38. Data Viz Dynamo Part 1: Thoughts on Data Visualization

    39. Data Viz Dynamo Part 2: Tools for Creativity and Impact

    40. Navigating Client Requests for Conjoint Studies: A Guide for Research Optimization

    41. TEST LSSN

    1. Canvs AI Demo: Transform Open-Ended Text

    2. The Reality of Using ChatGPT for Designing Questionnaires

    3. Using ChatGPT for Open-Ends

    4. AI Data-to-Text Tools [Slide Viewer]

    5. External AI Resources for Market Research Pros

    1. Best Practices For International IDIs

    2. Does Your Client Need Primary Research? Ask These Questions

    3. Mixed-Mode Data Collection in Survey Research

    4. Project Management Plan [Sample]

    5. Scope & Methodology Checklist for Quantitative Research Reports

    6. Components of Infographic [Reference Sheet]

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