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Course Curriculum

    1. Getting Ready to Rock!

    2. Exclusive Instructor-led Live Events (Zoom)

    1. Module 1 Lesson Plan

    2. Pre-Assignment: Secondary Market Research Data is Awesome!

    3. Pre-Assignment Quiz: Secondary Market Research is Awesome!

    4. Defining Secondary Research [Video Lesson]

    5. Defining Secondary Research [Slide Viewer]

    6. Defining Secondary Research [Slide File Download]

    7. Secondary Research Sources [Downloadable Job Aid]

    8. Internal Data as Secondary Research [Downloadable Job Aid]

    9. Checkpoint A: Rockstar Automotive Secondary Research [Action Required]

    1. Module 2 Lesson Plan

    2. Identifying Secondary Sources [Video Lesson]

    3. Identifying Secondary Sources [Slide Viewer]

    4. Identifying Secondary Sources [Slide File Download]

    5. All About Scanner Data [Downloadable Job Aid]

    6. Checkpoint B: Secondary Sources and Benefits [Action Required]

    1. Module 3 Lesson Plan

    2. Applying Secondary Research [Video Lesson]

    3. Applying Secondary Research [Slide Viewer]

    4. Applying Secondary Research [Slide File Download]

    5. Checkpoint C: Secondary Research Sources: Wabu Foods Frozen Dinner Case Study [Action Required]

    6. Checkpoint D: Recommending Secondary Research [Action Required]

    1. Your Rockstar Status Awaits: Final Assessment

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About this course

  • 25 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Course Overview

Can you name 20 sources of secondary research? You will be able to after you take our class on secondary research sources and techniques.

Secondary data is now widely available from many sources. The well-informed researcher knows how to find, evaluate, and apply secondary data. Consider the following questions:

  • Need to inform hypotheses for upcoming primary research projects?
  • Need to validate or triangulate survey data?
  • Need to harness existing data (no time or budget for primary research)?

If you said "yes" to any of the above, you will really enjoy this market research training course.

Upon course completion, you will be able to: 

  • Define the nature and scope of secondary data & distinguish it from primary research.
  • Recommend when to use secondary research.
  • Demonstrate applications of secondary research in the market research process.
  • Identify various secondary data sources to leverage in upcoming projects.

As a student, you get lots of helpful videos, readings, and reference material.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kathryn Korostoff

President, Lead Instructor Research Rockstar Training and Staffing

Kathryn Korostoff is President and Lead Instructor at Research Rockstar Training & Staffing. With a team of 10 expert instructors and 100+ fully vetted consultants, Kathryn works to advance market research and insights excellence. She wants everyone to be a Research Rockstar! She is a hands-on market researcher and has personally conducted over 600 primary research projects. A frequent speaker at market research events and former professor, Kathryn is also a past President of the Insights Association New England Chapter, and a former national board member. She can be reached at [email protected]. And be sure to check out her video podcast on market research methodology and career trends (see Conversations for Research Rockstars on the Research Rockstar YouTube channel).

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