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Course Overview

If you have completed our Intro to SPSS course (or equivalent), here's your next step for advancing your SPSS skills! Our SPSS 201 course covers multi-level crosstabs, weighting, factor analysis and regression. Get hands-on in our virtual classroom as the instructor takes you step-by-step. Note: This course is designed as a "flipped" classroom: students will watch pre-recorded demonstrations as homework, and will complete SPSS exercises during class time. This gives students real-time coaching from their expert instructor, accelerating their learning.

Please note: Students must have their own SPSS license (version 18 or higher) to participate. Research Rockstar does not sell SPSS licenses.

Upon course completion, you will be able to: 

  • Weighting
  • Multilevel Crosstabs
  • Regression Analysis
  • Factor Analysis

As a student, you get lots of helpful videos, readings and reference material.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Getting Ready to Rock!

    • [Important] Flying Car Survey Data File Download

    • [Important] ATP File Download

    • [Important] ATP Survey Download

  • 2

    Weighting Data in SPSS

    • Lesson Plan

    • Weighting Data in SPSS [Lecture]

    • Weighting Data in SPSS [Slide Viewer]

    • Weighting Data in SPSS [Slide File Download]

    • Rockstar Practice

  • 3

    Multilevel Crosstabs

    • Lesson Plan

    • Multilevel Crosstabs [Lecture]

    • Multilevel Crosstabs [Slide Viewer]

    • Multilevel Crosstabs [Slide File Download]

    • Rockstar Practice

  • 4

    Regression Analysis in SPSS

    • Lesson Plan

    • Regression Analysis in SPSS [Lecture]

    • Regression Analysis in SPSS [Slide Viewer]

    • Regression Analysis in SPSS [Slide File Download]

    • Rockstar Practice

  • 5

    Factor Analysis

    • Lesson Plan

    • Factor Analysis [Lecture]

    • Factor Analysis [Slide Viewer]

    • Factor Analysis [Slide File Download]

  • 6


    • Rockstar Status Awaits: Final Assessment

Meet Your Instructor

Julie Worwa

Lead Instructor, Principal, JMW Research

Julie Worwa is the sole proprietor at JMW Research, an independent market research consultancy. Julie successfully designs and executes goal-oriented market research programs designed to meet clients’ business objectives. She builds strong relationships with clients, communicating depth of expertise and results in clear, concise, and actionable reports and demonstrations. Julie has personally completed 500+ primary research projects, with deep expertise in consumer behavior, customer satisfaction, market segmentation, needs discovery, and product concept testing.

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