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Course Curriculum

    1. Getting Ready to Rock!

    2. Exclusive Instructor-led Live Events (Zoom)

    3. 1-Question Survey About Research Report Writing

    1. Pre-assignment reading: Common Survey Research Deliverables [Slide File Download]

    2. View the pre-assignment slides online: Common Survey Research Deliverables

    1. Module 1 Lesson Plan

    2. Know Your Audience, Planning for Impact M1A [Video Lesson]

    3. Know Your Audience, Planning for Impact M1B [Video Lesson]

    4. Know Your Audience, Planning for Impact M1A & M1B [Slide Viewer]

    5. Know Your Audience, Planning for Impact 1A & B [Slide File Download]

    6. Research Report Example A

    7. Research Report Example B

    8. Step 1: Know Your Audience [Downloadable Job Aid]

    9. Step 1: Know Your Audience [Printable Worksheet]

    10. Quiz A: What Makes a PowerPoint Report “Modern” versus "Dated"? [Action Required]

    11. Market Research Report Outline and Tips [Printable Job Aid]

    12. Bonus: Free Rockstar Report Template (PPT)

    13. Checkpoint A: Practice Exercise [Action Required]

    14. Checkpoint B: Success Criteria for Market Research Reports [Action Required]

    15. Checkpoint C: Let's Help Fred with Report Planning [Action Required]

    1. Module 2 Lesson Plan

    2. Reading & Summarizing Data [Video Lesson]

    3. Reading & Summarizing Data [Slide Viewer]

    4. Reading & Summarizing Data [Slide File Download]

    5. Scope & Methodology Checklist [Printable Worksheet]

    6. Checkpoint D: Summarizing Data [Action Required]

    1. Module 3 Lesson Plan

    2. Management Summaries That Ignite Insights M3A [Video Lesson]

    3. Management Summaries That Ignite Insights M3A [Slide Viewer]

    4. Management Summaries That Ignite Insights M3A [Slide File Download]

    5. Management Summaries That Ignite Insights M3B [Video Lesson]

    6. Management Summaries That Ignite Insights M3C [Video Lesson]

    7. Management Summaries That Ignite Insights M3B & M3C [Slide Viewer]

    8. Management Summaries That Ignite Insights M3B & M3C [Slide File Download]

    9. Validation [Downloadable Job Aid]

    10. Checkpoint E: Let's Help Martin [Action Required]

    1. Module 4 Lesson Plan

    2. Final Steps That Boost Credibility & Impact [Video Lesson]

    3. Final Steps That Boost Credibility & Impact [Slide Viewer]

    4. Final Steps That Boost Credibility & Impact [Slide File Download]

    5. Step 9: Quality Checking Text & Data [Downloadable Job Aid]

    6. Step 10: Deliver & Follow-Up: Tips for Finishing Strong [Downloadable Job Aid]

    7. Planning Your Post-Mortem Process [Printable Job Aid]

About this course

  • 50 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Course Overview

Learn how to write a great quantitative market research report, even if you are new to report writing.

What makes for a great quantitative research report? It needs to synthesize and present survey research findings in a way that your audience will find useful and memorable. You want your audience to understand and retain key research findings and to maximize the chance they will put them to use.

The options for interpreting, synthesizing, and reporting quantitative data are taught here in a fun, practical way.

In this market research training program, Instructor Kathryn Korostoff teaches students how to interpret quantitative data to address project objectives, and how to report the findings using various text, visual displays, and even multimedia approaches.


  • This class includes homework assignments, and students should be prepared to spend one hour per week on homework.
  • This class does not include how to conduct Quantitative Data Analysis; that is a separate class titled, “Quantitative Data Analysis for Survey Research.”
  • This class teaches a PowerPoint approach to reporting.
  • Prerequisites: At least two years of market research professional experience OR completion of Market Research 101.

Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Craft a plan that will mitigate the risk of schedule slips
  • Optimize reporting formats for different audiences
  • Synthesize data efficiently
  • Develop key findings that will inspire insights
  • Deliver bad news constructively

As a student, you get lots of helpful videos, readings, and reference material.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kathryn Korostoff

President, Lead Instructor Research Rockstar Training and Staffing

Kathryn Korostoff is President and Lead Instructor at Research Rockstar Training & Staffing. With a team of 10 expert instructors and 100+ fully vetted consultants, Kathryn works to advance market research and insights excellence. She wants everyone to be a Research Rockstar! She is a hands-on market researcher and has personally conducted over 600 primary research projects. A frequent speaker at market research events and former professor, Kathryn is also a past President of the Insights Association New England Chapter, and a former national board member. She can be reached at [email protected]. And be sure to check out her video podcast on market research methodology and career trends (see Conversations for Research Rockstars on the Research Rockstar YouTube channel).

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