John Barrett, PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Kenneth R. Faro, PhD

Lead Researcher at Hill Holiday

Chris Grabarkiewicz-Davis, PhD

Partner, Olivetree Insights

Janis Haywood

Independent Research Consultant

Jeffrey Henning, PRC

Founder, Researchscape International

Kathryn Korostoff

President & Lead Instructor, Research Rockstar LLC

Karen Lynch

Senior Director, Qualitative Insights at InsightsNow

Cory Mann

Principal Consultant of Cory Mann Market Insight, LLC

Jeff McKenna

Founder, MCK Insights

Evan Oster

Managing Director, SciMark LLC

Dan Reynolds, PhD

Assistant Professor of Education

Andrew Rothman

Principal Data Scientist/Machine Learning Scientist at Healthicity Inc.

Greg Alan Timpany

Independent Research Consultant

Jeff Walkowski

Principal of Inc.

Julie Worwa

Sole Proprietor at JMW Research