IPC Certificate Training: IPC Qualitative

The Insights Association has five topic certificates as part of its new IPC certificate program. And Research Rockstar Training is proud to be one of the sources available for training qualified for Insights Association Certificate requirements.

How can I meet the IPC Qualitative requirements using Research Rockstar courses?

With this bundle, you get all the courses needed to qualify. Simply complete these eLearning courses, pass each course's final assessment, and earn your Certificate.

IPC Qualitative recognizes those with advanced understanding in designing and managing qualitative research and analyzing and reporting the results of qualitative research. The Research Rockstar bundle gives you a convenient, flexible path to earning your certificate: 

  • 26 Hours Program Total (lecture time + student time for assignments & quizzes)
  • On-demand? Proceed as quickly as you’d like. 
  • Real-time eLearning? Start January 13th and end on or after March 31st 
  • Or mix on-demand and eLearning as you like!

Learning topics required by the IA and covered in this bundle: 

  • Designing Qualitative Projects
  • Managing Qualitative Projects
  • Analyzing and Reporting Qualitative Research

Qualifying for the Insights Professional Certificates from the Insights Association

Insights Association IPC Qualitative Certificate

Your bundle includes all the courses necessary to qualify for your Insights Association IPC Qualitative Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions about the Insights Professional Certificates from the Insights Association

  • If I earn one of these certificates, do I have to periodically take a test or complete more courses?

    No. Topic certificates do not require ongoing continuing education credits (you earn it, you keep it).

  • Do I have to attend courses in real-time?

    Nope. You can choose either to take these courses on-demand (24/7 access through the Research Rockstar Training Portal) or join your peers in our instructor-led classes taught in a virtual classroom. Or do some of both! We're biased, but we think the real-time classes are a lot of fun!

  • Are there tests?

    Yes, to complete each course, there is an online assessment of typically 10 to 15 questions. This helps us make sure the curriculum is allowing our students to meet the learning objectives. If the student does not pass, they get a second chance. If they still do not pass, they will need to take the course again. Most courses also have required assignments, which prepare the student to complete the final assessment successfully.

  • Are there any other costs for an IPC Certificate after I meet the Training requirements?

    Yes. The Insights Association has a per Certificate registration fee. Their fee is $95 for IA members, and $395 for non-members. Once the training requirements are met, the applicant registers with the Insights Association and pays the registration fee. Thus, the total cost per person is the bundle fee plus the registration fee. IPC Registration HERE.