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  1. Who is Research Rockstar?

    Research Rockstar is the only independent market research training company. We are dedicated to making market research best practices available to anybody interested in planning, managing or using market research. Our clients range from very small organizations up to Fortune 100 companies, market research agencies as well as marketing and product management professionals who are interested in using market research in their career paths.

  2. Why should I take a Research Rockstar class?

    We believe that market research training can be efficient and fun. Therefore, our classes:

    • Are conducted in a virtual classroom
    • Are shorter than those offered by other market research companies
    • Feature real world applications and practical best practices
    • Offer one-on-one instructor time
    • Use a chat function so students can converse and share experiences
    • Are recorded and available for replay for 60 days following each class
    • Enhance the learning experience through exercises, printable workbooks, templates, and other printable documents
  3. What is a virtual classroom?

    In a virtual classroom, students view slides and a whiteboard, listen to the instructor, and can ask questions from the comfort of home or work. They also have easy access to download related materials such as templates, workbooks and examples. We often add in video components and interactive polls.

  4. What is the difference between an instructor-led class and a self-paced class?

    Our instructor-led classes meet at a specified date and time and are conducted in real-time. These classes typically have between 5 and 15 students participating. See the description of the virtual classroom for more details.

    Self-paced classes are flash-based and viewable from any web browser, at your leisure. These classes are fully narrated and include a clickable table of contents as well as interactive exercises or quizzes. Students taking self-paced classes can send the instructor questions by email.

  5. What is a 4-week Power Program?

    The Power Program classes are for students interested in a more in-depth learning experience. These classes meet once a week for one to two hours, depending on the class topic, for four consecutive weeks.

  6. How do I access the virtual classroom?

    Once you enroll, you’ll receive the class website link, including login information, within 48 hours. If you are registering for a class more than 30 days in the future, you may not receive this information until the week before class starts.

    For the class, you will need:

    • Standard laptop or PC. It doesn’t matter if it’s Windows or Mac; however we don’t recommend participating with a tablet or smart phone.
    • Reliable Internet connection. If you will be accessing the virtual classroom over a Wi-Fi connection, be sure that it has a strong signal. We use lots of audio and video, so bandwidth counts!
    • A headphone or use of your computer’s speakers. The audio is facilitated through VOIP (voice over IP) therefore there is no separate dial-in telephone number.
  7. How can I use the one on one instructor time?

    Included in each class is the benefit of one-on-one instructor time. Instructor time must be scheduled within 7 days of course end date (and most appointments take place within 2 weeks). Previous students have chosen to use the instructor time to:

    • Have a more in depth or personalized conversation about a topic that took place during class time.
    • Discuss how that day’s lesson might apply to a specific work project.
    • Talk about other general topics such as market research industry trends or career advice.
  8. I have a team of people who’d like to sign up for one of the training programs. Can we get a discount?

    Yes. If you have a team of four or more people taking one of our classes please contact to ask about volume discounts. We also offer custom training for groups either in the virtual classroom or at your location.

  9. How will I know what class to take?

    We are happy to make class suggestions based on your current skill set and goals. If you would like to try a class before enrolling, you may attend one of our demo days (be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can find out when the next one will be).

  10. Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

    If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your class, simply send us an email within 15 business days from the completion of the class and we will give you a full refund. But is has never happened.

  11. What if I need to make a change?

    If you sign up for a class that is being held on a specific date, we request 12 hours’ notice. This will allow us to free your seat for another student. You will then be able to select whatever upcoming date works best for you. Also, sometimes needs change; if you decide to transfer your registration to a different class of the same price, we are happy to accommodate that as well.

  12. Are classes ever cancelled or rescheduled?

    Yes. We have live instructors, and human beings sometimes get sick or have unavoidable conflicts. This happens rarely. Students are notified, and we try to find a make-up date that will work for the majority. Student may also be offered substitute classes, recordings of past classes or other options as the instructor deems relevant for the particular class in question.

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