Team Discounts

Planning training for your team? Perhaps a team with some variations in skill levels and interests? That’s great. We have  25+ courses, so your team members can choose the ones most relevant to their work.

We have three membership options with the following standard pricing (scroll down for the team discounts):

  1. Full Access (FA) membership fee is $250/month or $2,760 per year.
  2. For students who don't want access to real-time sessions, the On-Demand (OD) membership is available for $150/month or $1,620 for per year.
  3. For teams interested in coaching, we also offer a VIP Backstage Pass.

Discount Rates

Team discounts apply to annual memberships only (not monthly subscriptions)
5-10 Students
20% Discount
11-30 students
25% Discount
31+ Students
30% Discount
For example: if you choose Full Access membership for a 5-person team, the cost would be 5*2760, discounted at 20% to $11,040. Or $2,208 per student.

Additional Team Benefits

  1. Team members can transfer an annual membership once per 12 month period. So if Student Stacey starts her annual membership, and after 8 months is “done”, she can transfer her seat to someone else with the same corporate email domain. New Student Nathan now gets access and has 4 months to take as many courses as he’d like.
  2. Teams can choose invoicing instead of online payment. Students will be registered right away, and the invoice will be issued with 30 day terms. Some teams prefer this option, especially if their company requires training providers complete a (potentially lengthy) vendor approval process.

For your team, do you prefer the OD membership, Full Access or VIP? 

Some team leaders choose based on their team’s learning style. If you have a team that will value the interactivity of real-time eLearning, consider Full Access. But if in reality, you know your team is most likely to take classes at odd hours or at their own pace, the On-Demand option will be a better fit. Your team might like both? Then you will want to consider Full Access: Full Access members have the option of taking real-time or on-demand courses.

Request Your Team Discount

  • Select the membership type you want to try.

  • Decide how many students for your team.

  • Email for your team discount code here.