Conjoint, Discrete Choice & MaxDiff: An Introduction

What is conjoint analysis? When should you use it? How do you compare it to other data analysis options, including MaxDiff? If clients ask about it, how can you help them understand its benefits and limitations? What tools are available for conducting conjoint analysis?

In this 2 hour class, Instructor Steven Struhl will teach students basic concepts and usage scenarios. You will be able to consider and discuss conjoint analysis and MaxDiff with confidence.  This class does not include programming; it is intended for the project manager who would be working with a data analyst or statistician for the actual hands-on programming. The class does include demos and screenshots.

Per student fee includes 2 hours of class time, examples, software demonstrations, interactive exercises, real-time Q&A, replay access for 60 days and completion certificate.

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Please note: class registration ends 1 hour prior to the class start time.

Taught in real-time in our virtual classroom.  Click here to learn more about our virtual classroom’s features.

Class topics, instructor, dates and times subject to change. Instructor illness, inclement weather and other unexpected events may result in rescheduling.