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Creating Customer Insights that Inspire

Everyone knows a good customer insight when they see one. But many teams, drowning in data and an abundance of knowledge, struggle with creating insights that inspire.

There are three primary reasons for this: 

      1. They lack a working definition of what an insight is, and isn’t
      2. They don’t recognize that insight is not the outcome of rigorous analysis, but of creativity
      3. They lack a repeatable process for uncovering, developing and communicating insights

Fortunately, your ability to create new insights can be improved with practice. You and your team can learn what insight thinking is, how to define and develop insight, write them up, and inspire your organization. Special Guest Instructor John Holcombe is an insights expert, and he is prepared to share his practical strategies and best practices in this 2-session course with real world examples.

This course meets at 1PM on May 8th and again on May 15th, 90-minutes each (3 hours total, plus one homework assignment).

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